What Does Tough Fat Have to Do with the Results of Triplex Laser Lipo?

I was having my triplex laser lipo done, the doctor came out and told her "Hey Chelsea, he's doing fine, it's just taking us a little longer because he has tough fat so it's a little bit tougher thn I thought." My question is, will this "tough fat" contribute to my results not being as good as they would have if I had "soft fat?" it's been 2 days and the pain isn't bad, bit I am swollen and hoping that I can see results in a month or two. Me: Male, 27yo, 5'6", 195lbs, had lipo in abs, flanks, chest.

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"Tough Fat"

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In my experience, many young males your age have "fibrous" tissue, particularly in the flank areas, which takes more time and laser energy to treat.  Assuming that your surgeon used the appropriate laser settings, you should see good results by about three months.  

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Tough Fat and Triplex Laser Lipo

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Thank you for your question. Males typically have more fibrous or "tough" fat, especially in the upper abdomen, and breast area. Darker ethnic skin also seems to have similar fat. The results depend on the skill of your surgeon. I hope this helps.

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