Scar tissue, bone or something else? (Photo)

I am about 3 weeks post op. As you can see in my picture the middle of my nose has no shape. I had osteotomy incisions under my eyes on the sides of my nose but where my ps said he was going to make the middle third smaller is still as wide as my before pics. Could it be scar tissue on the bone? Where the osteotomy incisions are also feel hard, but the fact that it's still as wide scares me. There is just no shape to that area. If it is scar tissue does that go away? Could it be anything else?

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Inverted V Deformity

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It looks like an inverted V Deformity. This can happen if the osteotomies where not adequate. There could also be some callus formation in the area of the osteotomy. Difficult to say without examining. 



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Rhinoplasty Results

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From the pictures you provided, you still have a fair amount of swelling present along the nasal dorsum (bridge of nose).  Being only 3 weeks post op, it is still much to early to critique results or discuss revision possibilities.  I would suggest regular followup with your operating surgeon over the next 6 months.  If the issues persist after this time I would suggest discussing revision with your surgeon.  Good Luck

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Your nose may be swollen only three weeks after your rhinoplasty surgery.

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Three weeks is too soon to judge your results following rhinoplasty surgery. Your frontal before and after photos are insufficient for judging your overall result and your concerns. Feel free to re ask your question with oblique and profile photos.

If you are unable to address your concerns with your surgeon, you should seek a second opinion from a reputable rhinoplasty surgeon.

Hope this helps you.

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Scar tissue, bone or something else?

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Early swelling still present... Allow 6 months of healing than you can comment at that time... Could still need revision... 

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