Is it possible to reduce the volume on one side of my face with fillers??

So I have more volume on the right side of my face vs the left side. Problem is--- I hate that right side. I like my left side, the one with less volume. If I were to get my left side plumped up to match my right side my face would look super chubby in my opinion. So I'd rather see if I can get volume reduced on my right side so it will match my left side. I'm wondering is that even achievable with fillers and injectables alone??? Thank you in advance!!!

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Not exactly

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You are noticing a very common issue, that our faces being asymmetric is actually the normal. The goal of therapy is to make you as symmetric as possible- meaning, reduce the differences between the right and left side. In your particular case, it is really difficult to say what the issue is or how best address the problem area without seeing photos. Mainly because most will want to assess your entire face, not just right vs left but also top heavy vs bottom heavy, and big side vs little side. Making some strategic adjustments with filler/toxin to one side AND balance you from top to bottom can make a big difference in helping you look your best. But to answer your specific question: there is no good way to use filler or injectibles to REDUCE your larger/plump side to match your smaller side. However, there are various techniques that expert injectors can use to help balance you out--not just make you chubby all over. But it sounds like it will be a process, and it may require you recalibrate your expectations for treatment as a whole face approach. Not just more volume or less volume. Best!

Torrance Dermatologist


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Fillers add volume to areas that are lacking.  Facial liposuction could be an option, but seek an experienced provider.

Suzan McGary, MD
Williamsport Thoracic Surgeon

The Beauty Is In Symmetry

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A major effect of aging is loss of volume.  The proper replenishment of this loss, often produces a youthful look.  Your pictures indicate a smaller left cheek; but, more importantly, a difference in shape between the left and right sides.  Although left-right differences are common in all of us, when this is accentuated by the loss of volume in the aging process, there can be room for correction.  Proper technique can restore volume and impart symmetry such that the face does not look "chubby."  

Youthful dynamics can be restored without the fear of a face looking too large (or wide).  It's all in the hands of an experienced injector.  In my opinion, you should not seek to deplete your volume any further.

David Owers, MD
Vancouver Physician

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