Questions/concerns after my first Tummy Tuck Consultation, how long will the scarring be visible? (photos)

I'm 34 male lost about 100lbs w/diet and exercise I had a tummy tuck consultation. I got a good feeling about him personally but have concerns. He is board certified in plastic not cosmetic surgery? My biggest concern with the full TT is the belly button scar, he said he would hood the BB to look more natural. Is this the best technique? How long will the belly button scar be visible after surgery. I want the surgery in Jan but going on vacation in late March, will people know I had surgery?

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Scars fade but visible for a while

Board certification in plastic surgery is the right thing to look for. A board certified cosmetic surgeon could be an OB/GYN or ENT doc who now does tummy tucks which is really scary. The American board of medical specialties does not recognize the cosmetic surgery board as legitimate entity. Sounds like the plastic surgeon is going to take good care of you. Good Luck!

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