If you were to put a filler, fat or other in the abdomen, would there be much discomfort?

Bear with me please. Would you use the belly button as place of entry for the filler? Would fat be permanent? Is there any way possible for a Dr to check whether or not a procedure actually took place? If the Dr was inexperienced or careless could this actually leave a person in pain and for how long? Would the site the fat came from also be uncomfortable?

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Fat injection

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I am not sure what you are asking. What type of procedure did you have performed?  Was this for irregularities?  Be more specific please.

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Possible fat grafting

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Fat grafting can be done to almost anywhere including the abdomen. The belly button would be my preferred spot for the tiny scar. Discomfort in the abdomen would be minimal, but where ever the donor site is for fat will be sore as any liposuction area is. Usually about 60-65% of the fat grafted will "take" and then be permanent which is why we over correct a little. Without more details I do not know what to say about knowing if some other operation was previously done or done incorrectly. Good luck.

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