Are there any plastic surgeons or tummy tuck specialist that would be willing to see me in Philadelphia?

I had a tummy tuck August 11,2016 in Miami, Florida. In which my left drain was removed after 7 days due to low drainage I stayed for an additional 3days to see if the right could be removed but was draining over 25cc. I still am draining little over 25cc to date. My incision underneath feels a little hard and I look and appear bloated I have a kind of bulgding over my left stomach/rib area that I feel may be a Seroma. Please help.

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Dr derby

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Thank you for your question. It is good idea to check the webpage of the ABHRS for a recommend surgeon in your area. Best of luck

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Post surgical after care

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The best place for you to start would be to ask the doctor in miami whom performed your surgery if He/She knows any plastic surgeon's within a reasonable driving distance from you who may be able to assist with your post-op care. Best of luck with your recovery.

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