Mouth protrusion. How to fix?

Hello doctors, I am a 23 year old female with a minor mouth protrusion. My upper teeth are too prominent and I'm looking for ways to retract it for a better profile. Would I benefit from tooth extractions and braces? Thank you.

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Protruded anteriors are due to underdeveloped narrow maxilla

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Orthodontics move the teeth but much of you problem is orthopedic in nature.  You have a severely underdeveloped maxilla and it looks like a functional jaw shift.  Do you have TMJ issues, headaches, migraines, neck pain or other pain issues?

Your narrow maxilla should be grown from a V-shape to a wide pleasing U-shape

I would suggest an orthopedic approach to your case.  You can work with an Oral Surgeon and your orthodontist and have a SARPE procedure, Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion for fastest results.

I prefer the Epigenetic Orthopedic/orthodontic approach that utilizes the DNA Appliance to orthopedically grow and increase volume of maxilla. 

Both of these procedures will help with your deep nasal labial lines, effectively increase facial symmetry and secondarily improve the ratio of your facial and nasal dimensions.

The downside to the SARPE procedure is surgical risks, pain and expense but results are very rapid.

The advantage to DNA Appliance therapy is that it is gradual and virtually pain free.  Orthodontics is four step process 1. Force 2. Inflamation 3. movement 4 Consolidation   Epigenetic orthodontics is a two step process Very light force and Growth & Movement.  This avoids the inflamation and pain.

Epigenetics takes more time and is a gradual process that resembles normal growth.  This is good because it correct previous abnormal growth.  Downside is time required and the appliance is worn 12-16 hours/ day.

It can be taken out to eat, go to work or school but needs 12 hours wear at a minimum.


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