I have a droopy eye 6 days after lower lid surgery. What can I do? (Photo)

I had my lower lids done six days ago and im concern about one eye it seemed like its pulling down my skin and it looks droopy its making me feel real depress i dont know what to do i dont have the money to fix it

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Droopy eyelid can happen

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At 6 days after the surgery it might be due to swelling of the lining of the eye which is temporary. This is called the conjunctival ecchymosis and can push the lower lid out.  You should probably just wait.  You really can’t tell the full result of blepharoplasty until about 3 months after surgery—it takes at least that long for the healing process to be complete and for all swelling to resolve. 

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Healing process

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This early in the healing process you will certainly have swelling and scar tissue that masks your result and cause asymmetry. This is a part of recovery and is to be expected at this point after a blepharoplasty. Be patient with your recovery and give your body time to heal. Be sure to keep any follow ups you may have with your surgeon for his or her advise and evaluation. Best wishes. 

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Uneven lids?

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I know that this is hard to evaluate for you at this time, but this is early.  There is quite a bit of swelling on the photos that you have shared.  This should improve.  Stay close to your plastic surgeon and make sure that they monitor this with you.  Be patient.  Hang in there it will improve.  Good luck.  Hope this helps.

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Drooping lower eyelid

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You are very early in the healing process, so hopefully the eyelid will improve after the swelling resolves. Let your surgeon know your concerns when you see them on follow up.

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Lower eyelid drooping

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Sometimes after cosmetic lower eyelid surgery, the lower eyelid can pull down temporarily or, rarely, permanently. You are only six days post-op and there is still swelling and inflammation of your lower eyelids. Don't worry about the slight pulling down you are noticing. It may improve with time. Make sure to share your concerns with your surgeon. Once the incision is strong enough, he/she may have you start some upward eyelid massage. Also, make sure to keep the eye well lubricated as it may be more prone to dryness. The eyelids typically heal well and you should be patient. Should the position of the lower eyelid not improve with time, you can consider revision surgery but not sooner than 6 months post-operatively. Good luck!

Katherine Zamecki, MD, FACS
Danbury Oculoplastic Surgeon

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