Large under eye bags. Is there any option to help fix this? (Photo)

I am only 23 years old and whenever I smile I get very large bags under my eyes. I already have low eyebrows and small eyes and I feel like this just makes the whole area look smaller! Is there any options to help fix this?

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As others have stated, the "bag" you describe is not an undereye bag in the traditional sense, but rather a bulge due to a contracting muscle below the eye during smiling (orbicularis oculi).
It is very difficult to reduce this fullness. Conservative weakening of the muscle with very small doses of Botox could potentially help. It is very important to see someone with experience treating for this indication as complications are possible.

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Under eye bags

The reason that you only see your "bags" when you smile is that they're due to the muscle around your eye. Botox may help. Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss. Also, make sure that you always wear sunglasses when outside in the sun. 
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Under eye bags in a 23 year old

Dear Vballgal65,

This "bag" is actually not a bag, but hypertrophy of the under eye muscle.  It has enlarged the same way your bicep would if you exercised it a lot.  Do you go out without sunglasses?  If so, this causes you to squint, which exercises your lower eye muscle, causing it to enlarge.  While it is very difficult to reduce what you have....sunglasses are the mode of prevention to help it from getting worse.  Remember to wear glasses during sunny days, and days with lots of glare.

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Eyebags, treatment

Yes eye bags noticeable only upon smiling are likely caused by enlarged orbicularis oculi muscles. Treatment options include Botox/Dysport for temporary correction or partial removal of the muscles for a more permanent result.
Please use this information when consulting in person with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making treatment decisions.

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Large under eye bags. Is there any option to help fix this

What you are seeing is the bulging of the lower lids muscles. There is nothing safe that would remove them and still allow the lid to function normally.

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Eyebags and small eyes

In young individuals surgery is not a good option.  The best option at this point would be to use of Thermismooth to achieve on traction of the tissues and opening up the eyes by reducing the bulge and the excess skin.  New para Graff regards

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Not a bag

THe image you have sent from your eyes are not showing any bags. Only thing I see is strong orbicularis muscle. can makes the lower eyelid look thicker than what it is. THis can be easily fixed with neuromodulator injection of one or two units under the eyelids in the right place to soften the orbicularis and its function. 

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