Large breast pocket

I have the issue when I lay down my implants go to my armpits and I can feel the flat part where my implants shift. My doctor said the only way to fix that is by tighting the outside skin. Which I dont think that's how it works. I need help and I don't want this doctor messing up my implants even more

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Large Implant Pocket

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From your description it does sound like you may need a pocket revision and implant reposition. This can be done without compromising the implant. I would suggest you see your Plastic Surgeon for examination and to discuss your concerns.

Large breast implant pocket

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Based on your description your breast implant pocket may be too large.  If the implants are slighting off of your chest into the armpit area and this is likely the case.  This does require a revision to reduce the size of the breast implant pocket and reposition the implant into the proper location.

Capsule repair

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Sometimes if a capsule is too large for the implant, a capsulorrhaphy is performed to tighten the pocket. Best of luck.

Large breast pocket

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... I suggest you and recommend you to contact your surgeon inmediately for a revision, it will be more comfortable for you to not feel that discomfort around your breasts, that can cause some complications with time.

Large breast pocket concerns

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I am sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing after breast augmentation/lifting surgery. Based on your description and pictures, it seems like you are experiencing a lateral breast implant displacement problem.

Generally, the lateral breast implant displacement can be corrected using an internal suture technique, decreasing the size of the pockets and moving the implants toward the midline.    Doing so will prevent the breast implants from migrating to the sides when you lie down and will help centralize the position on the breast mounds. In my practice, this repair is done with a 2 layered permanent suture technique. The use of acellular dermal matrix is an option ( although not usually necessary)  especially if significant implant rippling/palpability is present.

"Tightening of the outside skin" is not necessary.

 I hope this (and the attached link) helps.  Best wishes.

Breast augmentation revision

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it sounds like you have a good understanding of the problem, and that the pocket is now too large to fit snugly around a relatively smaller sized implant. The solution here is definitely surgical, involving removing a portion of that space and extra capsule/pocket. Alternatively, an entirely new pocket can be created in the proper position. If you are considering changing implants at all, sometimes a textured surface can help the breast maintain a more central position  by gripping the surrounding soft tissues like Velcro.  As you noted, all of the above can be tricky, depending upon your exam. Schedule multiple  consultations with plastic surgeons, certified by the American Board of plastic surgery only, and good luck! 

Dr Subbio

Implants Falling Into Armpits When Lying Down #breastimplants

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  • From your description, it sounds like your internal breast pocket needs to be revised so that your implants won't be displaced laterally (to the side).
  • To correct this, you would need a breast augmentation revision whereby lateral capsulorrhaphies are performed.  It may certainly be possible to perform this procedure by going through your existing scar. 
  • The capsule, or scar tissue around your breast implants, needs to be revised in the lateral (towards your armpit) region.  This involves placing internal sutures in the breast pocket to make the pocket smaller.
  • The result would be that your implants would no longer shift towards your arm pit. 
  • Definitely meet with a board certified plastic surgeon to be evaluated. 
  • Thanks for sharing!

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