Labiaplasty; Did my doc expose my clitoris? I had labiaplasty 13 days ago. (photos)

The stitches busted open on 1 side. Doc says it will just take longer to heal (Looks really bad, but I've been back to the office 5 times since surgery. My concern, however, is if my doctor cut too close to the clitoris and now my clitoris is exposed. I can't find my clitoris or the hood. (It doesn't look how it used to). The area around where the clitoris 'should' be is very sensitive to touch or apply ointment.

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Your clitoris will be fine once you are healed.  take extra care to not get an infection since this wound is exposed.  You should be on antibiotic orally and topically.  keep the area clean.  You will most likely need a revision after you've completely healed but please be sure to seek out the opinion of a board certified plastic surgeon  who specializes in Labiaplasty procedures.  

Labiaplasty problems

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I'm sorry you are having issues with your surgery.  Your clitoris does not appear to be exposed, just obscured by swelling.  Your surgeon appears to have done an direct excision of the excess tissue rather than a flap method. You now have a wound healing problem.  Your surgeon should provide help to you in managing this.  If not, you should seek the opinion of a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, preferably one with experience in labiaplasty.  Plastic surgeons have, among other things, expertise in the management of wound problems.  Hope this helps. 

Mark P. Solomon, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Labiaplasty, Did my Doctor Expose my Clitoris?

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Thank you for posting your early post operative labiaplasty photos with your question. It appears that you have some separation on the right side and your clitoris is still present. Fortunately, this area has an excellent blood supply and should heal well over the next several weeks with meticulous wound care. As the wound closes, the swelling will decrease dramatically. I recommend that you follow up closely with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who performed your surgery, for local wound care. Please wait at least 6 months before considering a revision.  Best wishes, Dr. Richard Swift

Another "Avoidable Unintentional Female Genital Mutilation" (aka "botched labiaplasty") done by an unskilled surgeon!

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OMG. This, the total separation of a linear resection suture line should not happen. Your unskilled surgeon sutured your vulvar vestibule inside your labia, to your labia majora, leaving you with virtually no labia on the left side, and a large gaping hole on the right. Eventually this will fill in, but will be deformed. Yes, your surgeon cut quite close to your clitoral glans, severing the frenulum and then did no work on your clitoral hood. Your clitoris is intact, but whether or not there will be residual sexual pain is not known at the present time

This looks like the work of an general gynecologist untrained in the fineries of genital plastics. (Academic Gyn programs do not feel women should "remodel" their genitalia, and refuse to teach their trainees about genital plastic/cosmetic surgery.) If your surgeon did not ask you specifically what type outcome you wished, did not carefully go over risks of surgery, did not carefully instruct you as to your "recovery protocol" and did not perform a 2 or 3 layer closure, this is below the "standard of care" and may be actionable-- see a good plaintiff's attorney for this... For now, however, let it heal completely. It will take 6-8 weeks longer before you can see if you will have enough tissue left for a major revision. You will find that to do a proper revision will cost you far more than it would have if you saw an expert to begin with. 

Best wishes for a good recovery!

Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

Healing after labiaplasty

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The area should heal with time and the clitoris will likely not be over exposed. A topical prescription cream such as Bactroban and an oral antibiotic should be used to facilitate healing in this acute phase and to prevent infection. If the final results are not satisfactory once completely healed, you may seek a consult with a plastic surgeon to revise the area. Best of luck and remember to keep in close contact with your surgeon given this setback. 

Clitoris still intact

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Thanks for sharing. I am sorry to hear of your wound breakdown and complications of your labiaplasty.  It appears in your 2nd photo that your clitoris is intact.  Your body needs time to heal and it will heal over time.  I would suspect at least 6 weeks to completely heal.  In the meantime make sure you stay in contact with your treating surgeon.

John R. Miklos MD

Atlanta ~Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

Labiaplasty; Did my doc expose my clitoris? I had labiaplasty 13 days ago.

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and I am sorry to hear of your incisional breakdown.  Due to the thin nature of the tissues in this area you have a fair amount of swelling that is obscuring your current anatomy.  Your clitoral hood still appears to be present and I can not see that your clitoris is exposed.  Allow your body time to heal your wounds and clear the swelling before assessing your results.  Time should improve all of your current concerns.  Best wishes. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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You didn't lose your clitoris after your labiaplasty

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The clitoris and clitoral hood are still there. Everything is distorted, but will improve over time. The separated scar region needs to heal at least 6 months before a revision can be contemplated. It's going to be sensitive for at least another month.

Labiaplasty and Clitoral exposure

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Thank you for sharing your photo and concerns. After reviewing your photos it is difficult to clearly see your clitoris and clitoral hood. Most likely it is there and as the incision heals it will be OK. That said, it appears your surgeon used the trim method and possibly removed too much tissue. Nonetheless you should heal fine with oral and topical antibiotic treatment and time. After full healing if you are not satisfied with the result, I recommend a second opinion with a cosmetic gynecologist with extensive experience.

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