Had Juvederm 24 hours ago in lips. Swelling down all lines back. Any suggestions?

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Can you please post some before and after photos so we can see what you're describing?  Also, how much was injected and what Juvederm product was injected?

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Twenty four hours post injection of Juvederm and no results

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Thank you for posting your question. Before and after photos would help for evaluation, because patients often forget what their original lips appeared like after they are pleased with their swollen lips. The possibility of poor injection technique should also be considered. See your injecting doctor. Make sure experienced physicians perform the treatments. 
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Juvederm in lips

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It would be unusual to have no swelling in the lips after one day with Juvederm.  This filler is usually used to plump up the lip with direct injection into the body of the lip.  The additional volume will usually stretch out the lines so they are less prominent.  If you have significant lip lines, they should be filler directly with a different filler such as Restylane silk or belotero. Juvederm is too thick for this.   

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Lip lines

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Lip lines require unique injection technique than simple volumization of the lip with filler. This should have been addressed at the time of consultation. Volumization helps but laser resurfacing and microneedling will specifically target this concern.

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Juvederm Injections and Lines

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I would definitely return to your treating dermatologist for assessment since it sounds like the placement was incorrect or the wrong product possibly.  Best, Dr. Green

Juvederm of lips

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Lip lines sometimes need to be injected directly. Occasionally botox is used for the lines as well.  Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Lines back

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Sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your treatment.  It is our practice to see injectable patients back for assessment in about a week.  My suggestion would be to allow a few more days for the result to mature and then make an appointment to see your physician.  Review and discuss your before and after pictures together and develop a plan that will address your concerns.  It may simply be a matter of adding additional volume.  Your doctor may also try to use more specific fillers, perhaps Belotero, to address your concerns.  I would encourage that you build a relationship with your injector to address the lines that persist and develop a treatment plan that could be repeated in the future.  Best of luck!

Larry Lickstein, MD
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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