Implants fell significantly even after goal of upper area fullness, 9 months post op scars still red. Normal? (photos)

Doctor moved nipples higher as they were low prior and wanted to produce best results with implants. Focus on upper pole fullness but breasts have now sunken down and scars aren't fading. I used scar fade products for at least 6 weeks. Should I go back to Doctor? I don't know how he'd fix without further surgery or increasing implant size. I had 300cc implants silicone.

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They look very natural.  The scars can take a year or more to fade more.  Going larger will likely not improve the upper pole too much without potentially causing more sagging down the road.

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Dont upsize

Upper pole fullness in your birthday suit works well as a shape if you are 18.  Most women need a push up bra to have upper pole fullness.  You have a well shaped breast and your implant size appears to be well proportioned to your lean frame.  Going bigger will improve things for a little while but those implants will descend even faster because of their weight.  You look fit - don't start chasing your tail with heavier and bigger implants.
As for your scars they will continue to soften and pale.  Silicone gel on your scars will help this.
And yes - go back to your original doctor with your questions.

Deborah vanVliet, MD
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