I work at a daycare (infant rm). I want to get a BBL this month. How long should I be out of work?

Can I go back in a week and be put on work restriction?

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I work at a daycare (infant rm). I want to get a BBL this month. How long should I be out of work?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. I recommend you to take 2 weeks out from work so you can rest from big efforts.

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Thank you for your question.

I would discuss this with your surgeon because every surgeon will have a slightly different post operative protocol for their patients. You should be able to return back to work within a week but must refrain from sitting for up to 3 weeks. I recommend to my patients that they do not sit on their bottoms for long periods of time for the first three weeks. The first week I do not recommend any sitting or pressure on the buttocks, days 8-14 the patient may sit up to 5 minutes two times per day.  Days 15-21 the patient may sit up to 9 minutes five times a day only then days 22 and beyond sitting is fine as long as the patient is comfortable. If you must go back to work and have to sit, I definitely do recommend the BBL pillow and getting up every 10-15 minutes to walk around until you are at least three weeks post op. I hope this helps. Best of luck!

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For BBL patients they will be sore for several days but for most of my patients as long as they do not sit on their buttocks for about two weeks, they can go back to routine activity within 3-5 days.  I do not like of them to perform heavy exertion for 3-4 weeks.

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BBL recovery

Brazillian butt lifts can be relatively long operative procedures. The processing and insertion of the fat requires a meticulous technique which is time consuming and depends on the amount of liposuction and fat transfer that is involved.  For this reason patients recovery from BBL is just as important as the procedure. In general, you need to minimize strenuous activity for 2-4 weeks. You will need to wear compression garments, not sit for 2 weeks, and optimize your hydration and nutrition. You should discuss these details with your plastic surgeon as everyone has their own protocol for recovery. It is important that you dedicate enough time for your recovery to optimize your results. Best of luck! 

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Brazilian butt lift

Hello and thank you for the question. 

The Brazilian butt lift has become one of the most popular procedures today. The procedure is a combination of liposuction and fat transfer. The surgery is done under full anesthesia, and takes about 2+ hours to complete. Most patients will need a week off of work and about a month before you resume exercise. 

Daycare can be a strenuous job. I think that for most patients who work in an office, one week is enough; for daycare, you will honestly need a bit longer. 2-3 weeks is a more realistic estimate. If your work allows light duty / desk work only, then one week should be sufficient. 

The success depends on your underlying health, available fat, skin tightness and elasticity, and the size / shape of your buttocks. Remember that some of the fat that is transferred does not survive. Typically about 70% of the fat lasts long term. 

You should seek consultations with several board certified plastic surgeons in your area before making any final decisions.

As always it is best to be healthy, no smoking, and to make sure any health care concerns you have are managed by your primary care doctor.

Best to you

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Back to work after BBL

If your surgery goes smoothly and there are no postoperative complications you can probably go back to work with some restrictions after about a week. You would need to avoid vigorous physical activity and should try not to put pressure on the buttocks.

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I work at a daycare (infant rm). I want to get a BBL this month. How long should I be out of work?

This is really a better questions for you PS. I recommend to my patients to take off for 10 days. I recommend no pressure to the buttocks for 10 days - no sitting or laying on your butt. Most people cannot go back to work before the 10 days are up because they would have to drive a car or sit at work. 

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