I have dentures in upper jaw for 15 years. How much bone loss do I have, is there any bone left?

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there are great and amazing solutions for cases like yours, no matter the size of the bone, and also you will have in snap indentures something removable, but strong, and the best part is that you can remove the roof of the palate , and on all on4, you will have something fixed , that you do not take out, 
both options, are great and you will be able to change, shape, size and even color of your smile. 

How much bone is necessary to place an implant?

Just because you've been wearing a denture for 15 years doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be a good candidate for dental implants.
Based on the thickness of your jawbone ridge, your dentist may recommend either a panoramic x-ray (which is two dimensional) or a CT scan (which is three dimensional) to determine how much bone you currently have.
If you do not currently have sufficient bone, then a bone graft procedure can be performed so that you have enough bone for dental implants to be placed. 

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