Gum recession and implants/crowns. Any suggestions?

If there is gum recession on front side & back side of tooth, which then later decays and needs implant/crown, can implant/crown be used or does gum have to be normal height for implant/crown? Or will person have to wear dentures?

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Implant Crown

That's a very good question. What will dictate whether or not an implant can be used is the amount of bone you have remaining once the tooth is removed. Gum recession means that you have lost not only gum tissue, but also some of the underlying bone support as well. Having said that, if there is still enough bone support to place an implant the gum does not need to be of "normal' height. An implant will still work in that situation.

The implant can be placed, some grafting may be needed

Yes an implant can almost always be used. If the recession is significant bone and tissue regeneration may need to be performed in conjunction with the implant, especially if this is in an esthetically demanding area.  if the recession is only located on the side of the tooth facing your cheek, this is a straightforward procedure.  

Jonathan Waasdorp, DMD, MS
Philadelphia Periodontist

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