Do you think I am a good candidate for upper eyelid surgery? (Photo)

I have always felt that my eyelids were asymmetrical. Specifically, my right eye has a smaller eyelid compared to my left, and it has more noticeable droopy skin. However my left eye also has many creases and folds in it, just not as much compared to my right. Basically, I don't have the best defined eyelids. Do you think I would be a good candidate for upper eyelid surgery? I'm meeting with a surgeon in 3 weeks. I know I can have better, defined lids. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Do you think I am a good candidate for upper eyelid surgery?

Greethings Thank you for your question and photos, your photos are not clear for evaluation, If you are complaining about dropping of the eyelids or lower eyelid bagginess then you might be a good candidate for the Laser Blepharoplasty operation. Although the plastic surgery era is highly developed and there are new treatment models for several other procedures; there is still no efficient alternative of blepharoplasty operation. If you are not comfortable with the look of your eyelids blepharoplasty operation may be a solution for you.   

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Eyelid surgery candidate

A full set of close-up photograph that are non-animated required to make a determination about what may or may not be required.  The primary goal of upper eyelid surgery is to remove the hooded and excess skin creating the tired look.  Asymmetries can also be addressed at the same time.  For more information and many examples of blepharoplasty, please see the video and the link below

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Upper eyelid surgery

Impossible to tell from your photos, they a taken at different angles and the lighting is different. You should seek an in person consultation,  but generally speaking you appear to be too young to be a candidate for a blepharoplsty. Good luck!


cdolan, not a lot to go on but everyone I see is a bit asymmetric so you are in good company. Don't do anything aggressive; perhaps botox. See a specialist that does "only faces". Maybe your brows someday but be careful about who you see once again. See video. Good luck!

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Upper lid surgery

Everyone has asymmetry of their two eyes.  It is very difficult to say what you could benefit from in the photos you posted. If you have concerns, you should be seen in person.

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Normal asymmetry

It is normal to not be totally symmetric. We are always our worse critic and this asymmetry is most likely only apparent to you.

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