Whats the best way to fix my eye: My right eye is gets extremely smaller than my left. (photo)

When I focus on things and smile and i dont think it looks right.

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You have bilateral upper eyelid ptosis that is worse on the left side.

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This needs to be repaired surgically.  It is entirely elective surgery and not medically necessary.  You have time to seek more than one opinion from the excellent aesthetically oriented oculoplastic surgeons where you live and find a surgeon who is right for you.

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Possible ptosis

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When smiling, the orbicularis muscle which encircles the eyelid, may contract causing the eye to appear "smaller". If the eyes are symmetric when you are relaxed, there is no problem. On the other hand, if the eye still appears smaller when you relax, you may have ptosis. In this smiling photo, the left upper lid margin is closer to the light reflex on the cornea (dot of light on the eye), which may indicate that you have ptosis. Have your eye doctor take a look and he/she may refer you to an Oculoplastic surgeon for elective surgery to correct the lid position.

Sara A. Kaltreider, MD
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