What can I do to fade redness from a burn?

I had several laser hair removal sessions on my scalp. I've noticed that I have a large salmon patch on the back of my head. In addition I have what I believe are two burn marks from the laser. I had a few IPL treatments in an attempt to get rid of all the redness. The salmon patch responded excellently, the burn marks not at all. I am extremely pale so its not a hyperpigmentaion issue, just redness. Is there anything I can do to fade this redness faster?

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Redness Resolution with lasers (pulsed dye, Excel V)

I recommend getting a formal consultation with an expert in lasers. This can be improved with pulsed-dye V-Beam or Excel V lasers and microneedling/prp. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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How can I fade redness?

Hello, thank you for your question.  One of the devices that specifically targets vascular (blood/redness) is the V-Beam.  It is a laser, it is much more powerful than an IPL device for treating vascular issues.  You can check in your area to see if this device is available. It is manufactured by Syneron/Candela and you can go on their website to "find a provider"

Good Luck!

Mark A. Blair, MD
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Burn marks on scalp

Without pictures it is difficult to let you know how these bothersome areas can be treated. If the burn marks are recent (1-2 weeks) they may fade on their own. If they have been there for longer, sometimes a topical bleaching cream can lighten their appearance. You should definitely let your provider know that these areas are bothering you and ask them to provide you a with treatment options. 

Improving redness - Vascular laser

I would try a vascular laser such as Excel V or VBeam laser. I don't know exactly what the areas look like but other therapy might be needed such as topical steroids.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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