What doctor should I go to for butt implants?

I'm 5'3 ish about 111 lbs looking for a plastic surgeon for butt implants. Any recommendations would be Helpful

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Buttock Implants

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You need a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced with butt implants and choosing the size suitable for your body and appropriate placement of the implant. The doctor need to sit with you for consultation and discuss the surgery, implant and risks of the surgery. Preoperative care and post operative care with the surgeon not the staff. Discuss the body shape as part of the butt implant surgery. It is a body contouring surgery rather than just putting an implant.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Butt augmentation

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Whoever you choose, you should remember that you have to minimize risks of infection and implant extrusion sometimes as high as reportedly 20%. I would recommend that all precautions be taken to avoid this complications including:
1)preoperative: avoiding risks of getting an infection, washing with antimicrobial soap, appropriate nutrition, thororough implant size and shape selection.
2)operative: using minimal touch technique implant insertion, performing a modified semicircular incision line, intramuscular dissection
3)postoperative: appropriate teaching of physical limitations; customized postoperative instructions.

Butt implant surgeon

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Dear Indeedabutt,

When choosing a butt implants surgeon there are few important issues to consider beyond the obvious of being board certified plastic surgeon and operating in an accredited surgery center by the likes of AAAASF. There are different techniques , size and shape for butt implants surgery. The sub fascial technique ( on top of the muscle and under the fascia) is the best in my opinion because the implants can be larger and there are less complication and less pain than with the sub muscular and intra muscular techniques. The size of the implants vary from 190cc to 750cc and beyond ( again, the large size can be used only with the sub fascial technique ) . There are 3 basic shapes for implants - round, oval round and oval bubble butt. The oval round is the most anatomical and most attractive for average butt. If the butt if full up above and flat below , an oval bubble butt is the prefered implant. As you can see it is not so simple. So , consult with a surgeon who has lots of experience with butt implants , especially with the sub fascial technique and the usage of oval round implants which is the right shape for you. Check the before and after pictures to make sure that you like the results

Best of luck,

Dr Widder

Butt Implants

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Dear Patient,

I think buttock implants are the best option for you since you are thin and you do not have fat to opt for a brazilian butt lift.

It is very important that you go to a certified surgeon with experience in this type of procedure, both must choose an appropriate size for your body and your expectations.

The cost of this procedure in the Dominican Republic is around 4800-5500 USD, including medical fees and clinical expenses.

If you ever consider traveling out of your country to have this procedure, we will be in the best disposition to orientate you.


Javier Baez Angles, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

What doctor should I go to for butt implants?

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There are a lot of plastic surgeons who place buttock implants in the LA area. I typically prefer the Brazilian buttlift due to the fewer complications, but in a very thin person this is reasonable.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Butock implant surgeon

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Similar to any operation, it is best to consult with a board certified surgeon who is a specialist in that area, preferably comes highly recommended from a family or friend, and you have good chemistry with and trust in after your consultation. In the case of buttock implants, make sure your chosen surgeon places the implants within (or "under", makes no difference) the gluteus maximus muscle so that the implant is less visible, palpable, and doesn't migrate south over time. Additionally, because there a relatively few surgeons in the country that specialize in buttock implants, finding a family or friend recommendation may be difficult. However, the surgeon can usually provide a patient referral for you to speak with. Glad to help...

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