What is the difference between liposculture, Brazilian butt lift and fat transfer? (Photo)

Hello doctors! I'm 22, I had twins 2 years ago and even though I lost most of the baby weight I still don't have the body I had. My goal is to have a smaller waist/flatter stomach and a more defined shape. I'm 5'9" and I'm 170 lbs (Before my twins I was 150 lbs and after I delivered I was 250 lbs). What procedures would you recommend? Liposuction (& maybe fat transfer to the butt), mini-tuck or tummy tuck? I attached my body goal pictures and 3 pictures of my actual body. Thanks :)

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Liposuction, BBL

Thank you for your question.
If you want a result as  your wish photos, you only need liposuction all your back, waist, abdominal area, and grafting your own fat on your buttocks, giving you more projected and aesthetic. To make a BBL, we need to do liposuction. These are procedures that go hand in hand. Always look for a board certified plastic surgeon.

Mármol Shailyn MD

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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