Why are coolsculpting ratings (72%) significantly lower than ultrashape ratings (95%) on RealSelf? (photo)

Is ultrashape better for a muffin top that might have some excess skin? Which procedure is best for this stubborn fat that won't go away? I do diet and exercise. I had microaire look done and seen a difference but I would like to see more. From the pic, does cool sculpting or ultrashape seem like a better procedure for me?

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Real Self Worth It Ratings & Non-Invasive Treatments

Thank you for your question.  It is important to use the Real Self worth it as a guide and only one part of your decision making process. Worth it ratings are taken over time as patients with experience post their results. Most new technologies start with high ratings due to excitement, but with time they go down.  This is true of most of the non-invasive treatments.  You also have to look at how many patients have posted a review CoolSculpt has 1487 reviews since they started and Ultrashape only has 100.  If only a few patients have posted great UltraShape results then it will artificially look like it is better than CoolSculpt.  The CoolSulpt worth it ratings have been fairly stable for the last couple of years so that is about what you can expect.  Ultrashape is newer, so you should probably wait to see how things shake out before making a final decision. Click on the worth it ratings details for further information. Finally, worth it ratings are a patient's subjective experience which are influenced by a number of factors such as a patient's desire for it to work and the investment that was made.  This is not objective scientific evidence that it works, how well it works, or if it will meet your expectations.  Again, just a rough guide about what patients are saying. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

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Coolsculpting better for muffin top

Coolsculpting technology has been around for many years and is the gold standard for fat reduction. You only need one treatment to reduce this area by 25 percent. Ultrashape is a new technology and can take 3 treatments to see the effect of one Coolsculpting and becomes more expensive. Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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% Ratings on products

Well said, Dr.Centeno!  There are always many variables to consider when choosing a procedure, down time is also an important one to consider. In addition, the experience of the provider will also determine the outcome.

Mark A. Blair, MD
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CoolSculpting vs. UltraShape

These are both FDA approved technologies and work well, but there are differences in how many times you would do each.  You can repeat CS more than once, but most people only get it done once and are happy with the results.  In my opinion, based on your photo, neither treatment will give you what I'd consider a great result, with just one treatment.  No matter which you choose, you will likely be disappointed unless you're committed to having multiple treatments done, reduce your calorie intake, and increase your calorie spend (exercise).  There are additional nuances of course you should discuss with your surgeon to make sure your'e a good candidate.

Reza Momeni, MD FACS
Summit Plastic Surgeon
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