How far up on the chin/jaw can a sliding genioplasty go?

Hi. I'm very interested in a sliding genioplasty. I have a small chin in all dimensions. Can a sliding genioplasty be more higher up, as to increase the width on my chin from an oblique view too?

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Design of a genioplasty

Dear Chris2583,

A sliding  genioplastycan be designed slightly differently depending on the desired outcome. In the area centrally a genioplasty could be designed so that the cut is just below the roots of the teeth. As of the genioplasty cut proceeds back toward the angle of the jaw it must go below the mental nerves as not to injure them. Typically with a sliding genioplasty that is moved forward, you do get the illusion of a slightly wider chin. My Best recommendation would be to have you consult with a plastic surgeon who has significant experience with genioplasties.

Best wishes.

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