Can anything be done to change my smile appearance? (Photo)

Hello, I am not happy with the appearance of my smile. Please advise if there's anything that could be done to correct in your opinion ?thanks

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Smilemakeover and Facial Development

I am sure that you have your own ideas regarding your unhappiness with your smile.  I do not think that veneers etc... is the answer.  What I see as a professional, is a premaxilla that has developed too far down causing an over display of your front teeth and a gummier smile.  Your smile also appears narrow.  I suspect you have had some airway or mouthbreathing issues at sometime in your life.  You might want to consult with a dentist who understands and can work with functional orthodontic care to help correct some of these issues. Perhaps have more than one consult and be sure to address these issues, your concerns, and see what non-surgical options are available for you.  Defiintely, ask about palatal expansion.  Do not be surprised if you get multiple opinions.  Write back if you have more questions.

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Unhappy with smile appearance

Hi NicholeSorry to hear that you are unhappy with your smile appearance.  From the photos that you have provided it does appear that there are some things that can be done to improve your smile.  I practice in Philadelphia and can offer you a complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns and review your treatment options which could include some bonding, veneers, gum work, etc.  Check out my website and email our office or call if you are interested in scheduling an appointment. 

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