Can my breast look normal if I have breast implants removed without replacing them? (photos)

I had breast implants put in under the muscle 8 yrs ago. I have 350cc. I became pregnant 6 months after. I feel top heavy with them. Never liked them since day one. I was a large b before and now I m a 32 dd

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Many factors to consider

How your breasts will look after explantation depends on many factors including the implant size, your age, your natural breast size, your skin elasticity, how long you’ve had the implants, if you’ve had children, and if you’ve experienced any significant weight loss/gain since you’ve had them. It is important to take all of these factors into consideration. It is possible that you will be pleased with the appearance of your breasts without replacement. It is also possible that you want a lift after explantation to reduce sagginess, or want new implants to replace the old ones. You may want to consider going forward with explantation and then giving yourself time to decide afterwards if you are happy with your appearance or not and going from there. As you can see there are many options, and I recommend meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss which is the best fit for you. Best of luck.

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Breast Implant Removal

Thank you for your question and photo. This question depends on how much you changed your volume with your breast augmentation. If you went from an A cup to a B cup or if you went from a A cup to a DD cup. The contribution of your implant to your breast size will determine if you need a breast lift or not. If you choose to have your implants removed, a breast lift can be performed simultaneously. I suggest consulting with a board-certified surgeon that has experience with breast procedures. Best of luck to you.

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Normal Breasts

Thank you for your question.  Your breasts currently have some ptosis or drooping.  Removal will make them flatter with the same amount of drooping.

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Can my breast look normal if I have breast implants removed without replacing them?

In my opinion- to achieve your best looking breasts- you need to address your sageness and your asymmetry. I would  remove your implants, have an anchor lift with sub-muscular smaller implants.

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Breast implant removal

It appears as though you'll probably have a good look after implant removal.  However, I'd have to see you in person to be able to give you a better idea.

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How will breasts look?

This is a tough question to answer online but I think it is important for you to understand that your breasts may look significantly different simply because you have had a pregnancy since they were placed. Pregnancy can significantly change a woman's breast, perhaps more so than having breast implants. It appears from photo that your breasts will look "natural" after removal of your implants. If you are done with childbearing you may want to consider a lift if you feel that your breasts are more deflated than you would like them to be. 

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How breasts look after implants are removed without other surgery

In general, if the implants didn't distort your breasts when they were put in (implants too big or in the wrong position) and your breast didn't change because of age, weight, or pregnancy, then your breasts should return to the way they looked before the implants were put in if the implants are simply removed. In your case your breasts have changed due to at least pregnancy and can still look "normal" with the implants removed but you may not like the look without the implants. Implants provide the illusion of a lift and when they are removed there is the illusion of sagging. This is due to the loss of fill in the upper pole and the loss of forward projection. Still, the simplest approach is to remove the implants with a simple procedure that can be done under local anesthesia and then decide what if anything you might want or need to improve the shape. If your implants are saline-filled you can even have them intentionally drained to see what they will look like with the implant out. This voids the warranty on the implants and more-or-less commits you to a removal, but might be helpful in deciding whether you want a lift at the time of the implant removal. 

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Breasts usually do well after explant

Breasts usually do well after explant.  The best plan is to remove the implants and give the breasts a year to heal.  Chances are you will be pleased with the outcome.  If not you can have a little lift.  My Best, Dr C

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Breast Implant removal

Thank you for your enquiry and photograph.I think it would be possible to remove your implants but you would lose volume from the upper part of your bust.It is difficult to predict exactly how your bust will look following implant removal as everyone’s skin does contract at a different rate.

An option would be to have your implants removed and then to consider a breast uplift at a later stage should you be unhappy with the appearance of your bust.

Many thanks again for your enquiry, I hope you get the result you require if you do decide to proceed with surgery.AR

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#Explant #BreastImplantRemoval - Can my breast look normal if I have them removed?

Maybe, but it's hard to say for sure.

In general, the factors to consider are how large the implants are, how long you've had them, weight changes over that time (including pregnancies), your age, type of skin you have, etc.  Each of these has a better or worse scenario (eg, smaller implants for a shorter period of time are better than larger implants for a longer period of time) that is used to try to predict what the final result will be.

You can always stage the procedure.  That means that you just remove the implants and give your body a chance to heal (6-12 months is a good time frame) and then reassess.  At that point you can consider a lift, reinsertion of implants (smaller or not) or both.  That approach has the disadvantage of mandating a second procedure but the advantage that you know you will have given your body every chance to heal on its own.

Finally, though, if you go for consults with, for example, 3 board-certified plastic surgeons, and all three advise you to do a lift, then it may be wishful to ignore that advice.  An in-person consultation will be most helpful for you.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler
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