Breast augmentation to uneven breasts?

Saw a surgeon for breast augmentation. Right breast is slightly smaller, enough for me to notice. He said he would use same size implant in both because changing pocket size w one bigger implant is not preferred. When they are fuller perhaps the difference would be less noticeable? Or would it be more noticeable? I see implants w varied cc on left or right. What is the theory w this and would his approach seem beneficial or not? My left breast fills c cup just so and right is 3/4 full

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Breast Augmentation for Uneven Breasts

Yes, a breast augmentation revision should be able to fix uneven breasts, although the exact method required for proper correction would require an in-person consultation and assessment.  You may require a breast lift, different types of implants, or perhaps simply a size correction of the existing implants. 

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Thank you for your question. Most of my patients have at least a small asymmetry either related to volume or nipple placement. Generally, if this difference is small and the patient does not feel bothered by it or notice it in clothing, I would prefer to use same size implants. If, however, you notice a difference in bras and this is something you would like to correct, it may be worth discussing slightly different sized implants. I would prefer to under rather than over correct so, often I would stay within a 20-40cc difference. My patients find it helpful to try on the implant sizers in the office and this is a great way to guage what size difference might help you feel balanced.

I recommend that you share these concerns with your Plastic Surgeon or seek a second opinion/consult if you don't feel satisfied with your surgical plan.

All the best

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Asymmetric breast approaches

Different surgeons have different approaches.  It is true that if the variance between the two breasts is subtle, use of same-sized implants may be satisfactory. I explain to patients that as the total volume of the breasts, that is, (native breast volume + implant volume) increases, the total percentage difference between the breasts with the same implant size decreases.  So, if the difference is small to begin with or large implants are placed, the difference gets harder to see.  The problem (appreciable asymmetry) occurs when the size of the implant is not very large or the difference between the native breast volumes is more substantial. In those cases, I think it makes more sense to consider using sizers in the OR and choosing implant sizes that produce the best symmetry possible, which could easily be different sizes. Breast shape must also be taken into consideration.  Hope that helps. I hope you have a great outcome. Be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Breast augmentation to uneven breasts?

Thank you for your question. Small asymmetry between 2 breasts often do not require different sized implants. And in person examination is required to properly answer your question.

The other very important issue is whether there is asymmetry in the position of the nipple and breast. If one breast is lower then a lift plus implant is required for excellent symmetry on the lower side. For more information on breast asymmetry please read the following link:

Breast augmentation Symmetryzation Surgery, some advices:

Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us.

In this regard, after having analysed all the information provided to us, I realize that you have small and uneven breasts.
In my practice, for cases like yours i recommend performing a Breast augmentation Symmetryzation Surgery, with implants of different volume to symmetrised your breasts. 
Finally, i invite you to send your photos to give you more information of interest.

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Breast Implants in Asymmetry

In small breast size differences it is usually not advised or necessary to use different sized implants. Unlike asymmetric nipple positions, implants may make the breast mound size differences less noticeable. With saline implant you ca use the same size implants and place as little as 5 or 10cc differences between the sides. With silicone implants, however, the size difference are 35cc or greater and the degree of making minimal adjustments between the two sides is less.

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Breast Asymmetry for Breast Augmentation

This is a hard question to answer, especially without pictures.  If you have glandular or skin asymmetry where either the gland or skin are different from side to side, then you will likely continue to have these asymmetries going forward.  What implants can do is restore fullness to both sides and make them look better, especially if you really want "bigger".  On the other hand, if you are someone who worries about how they will look after surgery, and how even or uneven they may be, you need to discuss this with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and get his/her answer.  Sometimes small adjustments in volume and shape of implants or your gland/skin envelope side to side can result in improved symmetry even in a primary breast augmentation.  Good luck with your search for a Plastic Surgeon!

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Without examine you in person, it is impossible to comment. If you trust your surgeon and like his or her work then go for it. No two breasts are ever exactly the same. 
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Breast volume asymmetry

Dear Bcg44,
Breast asymmetries are very common and very normal.  It sounds as though your plastic surgeon is providing sound advice.  A minor volume difference will become less evident even when the same sized implants are used because the difference as a percentage of total breast volume will be less.  Good luck!

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Uneven breasts

All breasts have left to right differences before and after any surgery and they will never be 100% symmetrical, especially without a bra or clothing.

Having this in mind, some cases may benefit from different sized implants- a larger implant on the smaller side. To see if this is best, intraoperative sizers can be placed during the surgery to see if the best result is with the same size or different size implants.

In some cases, some type of lift may also be needed.

An exam and consultation with a plastic surgeon is recommended to discuss your options and expectations.

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