I'm 25 years old. I was born with a cleft lip and I want to know is there anyway I can get my teeth corrected? (Photos)

My mom told me I had two surgeries left but she never took me back for them . Im fine with the lip ! I just want my teeth fixed . Can you help me

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Beautiful cleft smile

Yes absolutely there are several things that can be done to improve your smile!  You will need to work with a cleft surgeon and an orthodontist.  It appears that you had a bilateral cleft lip and your premaxilla) the bit of gums in the very front) did not grow teeth. several things can be done1- you can get braces or a retainer with false teeth attached.   It appears that your teeth are in "crossbite" which means the upper ones are inside the arch of the lower ones.  Braces will help thise2- you can get an implant, which is a permanent false tooth surgically implanted into that area.  You may need a bone graft (from the hip) to get this to stayLook for a cleft surgeon in your area and an orthodontist that is familiar with cleft patientsBest of luckDr Rodman

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Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Dental Issues

The phases of cleft care are age dependent. The facial bones are fully grown at about age 16yo for females and 18 yo for males, so your face has been fully developed for some time. From your pictures there appear to be 2-3 issues related to your bite and dentition. The arch of the upper teeth may be narrower than the lower teeth which can affect how the teeth fit together. The upper jaw is behind the lower jaw causing an underbite. The ways to fix this usually requires the upper jaw to be moved forward to fix this. Rarely, the lower jaw may have some overgrowth requiring surgery also. You are missing several of the front teeth. This would require either dental implants to be placed. An alternative would be a dental bridge. The best thing to do would be to see a cleft lip and palate surgeon with experience in these problems to see which if any of the above would be a good treatment option for you. There are several experienced surgeons at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia who can help you with these issues.

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