Could the additional shearing forces applied by EMBRACE scar therapy cause blistering on an already tight, new scar?

I asked my PS if I could considering using EMBRACE and he said that any additional shearing force applied to my already tight (recent LBL - and gorgeous I may add) scar could cause blistering ... He's experienced this with other products with a shearing force applied to them. I trust his opinion 100% and will go with that . His hesitance to EMBRACE is mainly due to its novelty, & lack of balanced feedback in what seems like carefully curated reviews of the product. Anyone care to chime-in?

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Could the additional shearing forces applied by EMBRACE scar therapy cause blistering on an already tight, new scar?

Hello Caterpillar.

All adhesives and tapes placed on post-surgical skin that is swelling and tight can increase the risks of shearing and blistering. This is not unique to Embrace. I use embrace later in the healing process, around days 14 to 24, which is after the swelling and tightness has dissipated in the tissues. Embrace works in the "remodeling" phase of wound healing which does not occur to full capacity until about day 14 anyway. Using it sooner likely has no positive effect on the tissues.

Best wishes, Dr. ALDO :)

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Embrace Active Scar Defense

Embrace Active Scar Defense is often recommended by plastic surgeons because it has the most scientific research backing it up compared to other scar treatments available today. Embrace works by offloading tension, an important factor in the formation of bad scarring. Relieving tension on both sides of your incision helps reduce the risk for development of hypertrophic and keloid scars which is often seen in closures under too much tension. In such an instance, the Embrace device actually helps rather than hurts the scarring. Some patients may experience skin irritation. It is helpful to have your board-certified plastic surgeon apply the device the first time so that you can easily repeat the process at home. He or she is your best resource during your recovery period as he or she is most familiar with you and your healing. Good luck in your recovery! Congratulations on your new body makeover!

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