Lower Lip Reduction Costs in Philadelphia, Maryland, or D.c?

Hello, what is the price range for a lower lip reduction or an effecient means to remove the purple pigment from my vermillion border and innermost parts of my lips?

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Lip reduction response

I am a specialist in lip reduction and perform this procedure almost every other day.  It is very hard to change the color along the vermilion border by reducing it without creating scar tissue.  i would suggest possible micropigmentation (tattooing) as the preferred way to go.  for the innermost part of the lips, that is much more doable and so long as you are actually wanting a reduction in size then most likely i can help you with that problem.  as far as pricing, please contact my office 972-312-8188 as i have been asked by my staff not to put any pricing online.  it is very easy to fly in and out the same day along with consult and surgery if you are interested.  i would need a photo emailed to me first which you can do at drlam@lamfacialplastics.com if you like for me to check your candidacy.


Sam Lam

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