Phenol Peel, TCA Peel or Laser for Undereye Wrinkles and Crepiness? (photo)

I am 45 years old with thin skin and I want to address under eye wrinkles, crepiness and bags. I am frightened of damaging fragile tissue with a laser, after reading so many horror stories and I was wondering if there are doctors who actually consider the phenol peel safer/more effective than the laser? Are there any other procedures you would recommend (outside of restylane/juvaderm injections which left with with malar bags! )? How best to locate a doctor who performs phenol peels in NY?

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Phenol is immensely safer in the right hands.

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Unlike laser, phenol does not create a thermal injury.  Phenol can be infinitely varied in its application.  Phenol penetrates deeper into the skin and its effects at depth can be controlled with experience.  In contrast, CO2 laser lacks finesse in this regard.  Fractional C02 addresses this to some degree but there is no free lunch.  The very safest fractional CO2 treatments will freshen the lower eyelid area but will likely be disappointing in their tightening effect.  The advantage of the laser treatments, it that physicians can be taught to safely perform these services in a couple of weekend courses.  In contrast, chemical peels are an art form and unless the surgeon has participated in an extended fellowship over the course of 1 or 2 years, it is difficult to safely gain enough experience to master these deeper chemical peel agents. 

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