What Results Can I Expect from Phenol Peel?

I am scheduled for a Phenol peel next week. I have not found much information about this on the internet. I was wondering if you can give me any insight as to the results?

I am fair skinned and seem to be a perfect candidate for this treatment. I am having this treatment before having a lower face/neck lift next month. Thank you for your time.

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Excellent results can be expected with a Phenol Peel

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Ever since Dr. Greg Hetter's modifications to the original Baker Formula for the phenol peel, a more predictable and natural appearing result can be expected from the newer modified phenol or phenol-croton oil peel. By using different concentrations of Croton Oil in the peel mixture, the plastic surgeon can vary the strength of the peel to address different needs on face, eyelids and neck.

I prefer patients to be pre-treated for the Phenol-Croton Oil peel for 6 weeks on the Obagi Condition and Enhance System with 0.1% Retin A. This helps the patient's skin get prepared for the peel by increasing turn-over of the top dead layer of skin, while at the same time, calm down the pigment cells of the skin with the hydroquinone to lessen the redness afterwards.

You should be prepared for a 10 - 12 day time span to re-epithelialize (heal from the peel), then 2 months of redness that can be covered up with mineral based cover up makeup.

The recovery is tough, but all of my patients that have had this peel have felt that the ends justify the means of getting there. The results are natural, impressive and very long lasting.

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