Is a Phenol Peel Too Drastic for my Issues (Wrinkling, Skin Cancer Scar)? Would Laser Be a Better Choice??

I am 50 with several skin concerns I would like to get resolved. The wrinkles that bother me most are: bridge of nose between eyes, wrinkling and laxity under eyes, and slight wrinkling of labial folds (I have Radiesse every 1 1/2 to 2 years). I have a large scar down the side of my nose and asymmetry of one nostril after mohs surgery, with a few broken capillaries. Is a phenol or TCA peel, or laser a better choice? The wrinkles are the main concern but reducing scar would be nice. Thanks

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Phenol peel for wrinkling, scar from cancer excision

  That you posted photos is great!  But they cannot take the place of a personal consultation.

  1. Remember that phenol peels are not all or none as they once were.  Now that we understand the role of croton oil within the peel the depth can be modified for each patient and treatment area.  Please research the Hetter Peel Procedure on the internet or on my website.
  2. Any laser, and any chemical peel, is only as good as the doctor who uses it.  Every day I see patients ask on this forum which is the best laser for this or that.  Please remember, it is not the modality, but the skill of the physician, that is the greatest determinant of treatment success.

  3. TCA at modest concentrations will achieve a more modest result than laser or phenol.  But this may be all you require.  Consider trying this first!

  4. Good luck!

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