Phenol Peel for Crows Feet

I am a 34 year old woman with fair skin and crows feet around my eyes. Over the past two years I have undergone several Fraxel treatments and the Yag laser to refine my skin. The results did nothing. Now I am considering a Phenol Peel as I've heard from my dermatologist it produces a better result than laser resurfacing for crows feet. Would you recommend this procedure? Is it better to get your whole face done or just the problem area?

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Crows feet thin skin best treatment

      There is no single modality that can completely erase deep crows feet in a thin skinned person. I find that a combination of different treatment methods works the best. We utilize the principles of resurfacing to repave the skin, volume increase to thicken the skin  and muscle relaxation to remove the underlying forces as main treatment modalities. Either phenol or CO2 laser could be used for repaving, phenol is still a great option in experienced hands, it's cheaper and has less downtime than ablative lasers. Fillers such as Restylane or Sculptra can add thickness to the dermis, thus hide the wrinkles better. Finally, relaxation of the underlying muscles with Botox is an important part of treatment as well.  

Tacoma Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Phenol Peel is Heavy Duty

When done as a Baker's (Phenol) Peel, the results are amazing.  However, the recovery can be long.  Also, red heads seem to stay pink much longer than other skin types.  For crow's feet in a young (34 year old), I would think Botox is the way to go.  No downtime, excellent results and last for a several months.  A Phenol peel is a big deal and has a long down time.  The results work best for sun damaged skin with pigment irregularities and wrinkles at rest.  It does not help with dynamic wrinkles.  In the right hands, the Phenol peel can look amazing, but I think you're a little early in the process.

John Bitner, MD
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Phenol peeling in the right hands can give you an excellent and long term result. The recovery is longer than Fraxel though. If you have deep wrinkles in your entire face and you can put up with the recovery you should get a great result in the right hands.


Dr Siegel

Michel Siegel, MD
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Crow's feet

If the problem is just crow's feet, Botox would be my 1st choice. It is effective, safe, inexpensive , & with essentially, no down-time. It has to be repeated every 3-6 months. But it is definitely less drastic than what was done & what you are contemplating. If there is another problem: deep wrinkles...etc, then Phenol peel is a valid option.

Khaled El-Hoshy, MD
Detroit Dermatologic Surgeon

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