Is Petroleum Gel Apply Outside Nose or Inside? Which Water Based Gel is Useful?

i didn't understand about petroleum gel.Currently I am using saline spray to to wash nose .Is there any permant treatment available for regeneration of inferior turbinate bone?

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Petroleum Gel For Post Rhinoplasty Nose

Petroleum gel can be used both the inside and outside of the nose.  Gel on the outside of the nose is used for improvement of the scar.  Gel on the inside is used for capturing moisture and avoidance of dryness on the inside of the nose.  Some surgeons avoid the use of petroleum based gels since they can cause rare cases of "parafinnomas" or lipogranulomas.

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Use of Petroleum Jelly Inside or Outside of Nose

More information is needed before anyone online can give you good advice.  Did you have a turbinate resection?  Why do you want to regenerate the bone if you did?  Who told you to use the Petroleum Jelly or the saline spray.  What has your surgeon advised you to do?  What kind of problems are you having?  If you can answer these questions, we can probably help you more.  However, thanks for the inquiry. When we ask for more information, we're just trying to be as helpful as possible.

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Is Petroleum Gel Apply Outside Nose or Inside? Which Water Based Gel is Useful?

          I would follow with your surgeon and pose this question to him or her.  


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