What to do when blurry vision after LASIK doesn't seem to improve?

I had Lasik (with blade) surgery 2 weeks ago. From day one I had perfect sight in my left eye but my right eye has blurry vision and doesn't improve at all. Both eyes were -4.75 before surgery with left 0,75 agtimatism and right 1,25 astigmatism. The doctor says that it looks fine, besides the dryness, and that a 20/20 vision can never be guaranteed with Lasik. It frustrates me that my sight is blurry. I know 2 weeks is recent, but it doesn't even improve a little. Is this normal? Thanks

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Blurry Vision After LASIK

It is normal to have variations in healing after LASIK—particularly within the first few weeks. Dryness is frequently a contributor and may or may not be the sole cause of your blurry vision. In the absence of certain pathologies (e.g. flap striae or epithelial ingrowth), it’s a good idea to simply continue with artificial tears and to be patient. If residual refractive error is the issue, surgeons would typically not consider enhancement before 3 months of healing and stabilization. If you have continued concern, you should follow up sooner with the surgeon who performed your procedure.

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Blurry vision after lasik

you have either DES or Undercorrection. Just google both terms BC I'm getting tired typing out what each is. Your surgeon should eliminate DES with Punctal plugs, restasis, and ointment BID

If that helps you're lucky and fine. If not he can retreat you. If he refuses it's BC your residual Rx is too low. Then you'd need a HD LASEK over your lasik BC that's the only safe method for low grade enhancements

You should have gotten LASEK as BC there's no flap cut it causes less DES vs LASIK

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