Upper pain on right breast when using muscle, 2 months post op is it normal? (photos)

The top of my right breast is painful whenever I use my right arm. Ive had BA 2 months ago, under the muscles. My breast seem to Have dropped nicely but I can feel a hard spot on my muscle/ top of my breast. Whenever I lift something, open soirs etc its painful. Should I worry? Ive only started to sleep on my side few days ago. Also I Have upper pole fulness, can it still Go down after 2 months?

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Your are still very early with spontaneous improvements still expected

Thank you for your photos and questions.  The symptoms you describe are very common 2 months after submuscular breast augmentation.  The breasts will continue to soften and the upper pole fullness improve.  Be patient as these final changes may take another 4-6 months. Keep your surgeon posted on your concerns.

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Your breasts may continue to change.

At 2 months after breast augmentation, you should be able to go about your daily activities with little to no pain. You may want to check in with your plastic surgeon about the hard spot and the pain, especially if those are new symptoms, to ensure that you are healing properly. The fullness of your upper pole will likely continue to change for the next 4 months as your breast implants continue to settle and soften, so you may see a difference in your results and the position of your implants.

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Pain after a breast augmentation

Hello and thank you for the question.You are very early in the healing process and I would anticipate your signs and symptoms will resolve over time.  The healing process is very dynamic and variable from patient to patient, commonly requiring no less than 4 months for most signs and symptoms to completely resolve. I recommend keeping your surgeon appraised of any concerns.Best,Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS

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