Ten days post breast reduction- more painful each day (Photo)

the pain between my breasts -steenum seems to be getting worse daily. I've run out of Endone -and currently taking 2 paracetamol 500mg +codeine 15mg, aside from making me sleepy they're not making much difference at all. I'm taking anti inflammatory too (inza) Is this sternum pain normal ten days post op? I have my second follow up with my nurse on Thursday. *I had 2kg (4.4 pounds) removed from each breast.. Should I use ice or heat packs, massage? I really don't know how to ease the pain

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Pain 10 days post op?

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Yes..this is normal although obviously undesirable to still have the pain.  Looking at the photos looks like you have quite a bit of swelling and brushing along the medial aspect of the breasts so it makes sense that you still having pain.  This should improve with more healing and time.  Be patient.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.Dr Vasisht

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