Going bigger

I had a reduction and lift in Jan and wanting to go bigger to about a dd I'm n d now and my scars are that healed atm still dark underneath but nipple scars are great, wld I be able to get implants towards the end of yr as my doc is saying to wait 12 months?

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Staged Procedures

Thank you for your question. Your Plastic Surgeon will be able to examine you and determine that you are ready for the next procedure. They will also be able to recommend treatments to help lighten your scars as they mature.
All the best

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Implants after a Lift

Hello there .Yes at a year your breast shape will be largely stable and it should be possible to select implants that are going to give you the size you like and also to think about implant type to give you the best shape .The Vectra 3D imaging system can help with this as it gives you an accurate idea of final shape and size .CheersTS

Terrence Scamp, MBBS, FRACS
Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon
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Going bigger

Thank you for your question. Yes, you will want to wait until you are fully healed and then plan another surgery. Speak with your surgeon regarding a good time to do this.Best, 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Going bigger

You need to follow your surgeon's policies. In our office if the healing has been uncomplicated we will do the augment after a 3 month wait. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Reduction then augmentation

I would make you wait a year as well. a shame you wanted smaller now bigger. are you sure your back, neck, shoulder pain wont come back?

Jonathan Saunders, MD
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