Do you think I'm suitable for a breast augmentation without a lift? (photos)

i want a breast augmentation but dont really want a lift do you think it looks like I will require one I'm 30yo 2 kids 165cm 75kg Please be nice it's taken a lot to get the courage to write and even to post pictures so please be gentle with me :)

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Do you need a lift?

Based on your photos, I do think that you would benefit from a lift with your breast augmentation.  A breast lift will mean more scars and typically more money, but that is going to give you the best result.  If scarring is a concern of yours, I would suggest using a silicone gel sheeting system such as Embrace to ensure you get the best scars possible.  Good luck!

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Breast lift with augmentation

Thank you for posting your photos and questions. Based solely on the images provided, you would likely achieve the best result with a breast augmentation with a breast lift. I understand your concern with scarring that can result with a full lift but, often times you will have a much better aesthetic result by having both the augmentation and lift. You can choose to combine the procedures or you can have the breast augmentation first and wait 3-6 months to determine if you are happy with your results then return for a second surgery, if needed, for the lift. It is always best to consult with a highly experienced board certified plastic surgeon in person to determine the best options to achieve your best result. I wish you the best of luck,

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Do you think I'm suitable for a breast augmentation without a lift? Perth, Australia

Thank you for your question and images. This can be a challenging question and you may have a number of different opinions. From the images you have provided your nipple is currently pointing downward and the glandular tissue hangs below the fold underneath the breast. In my opinion you would achieve a better breast shape with an augmentation and a lift. You always have the option of having a breast augmentation first which avoids additional scars and then if you are not happy with the shape a breast lift at a later date. This is a safe approach but the best advice is to speak to a specialist plastic surgeon and have a personal consultation. RegardsDr Guy Watts


Hi. Congrats on summoning up the courage to post. We are here to give constructive opinions to help you in your decision making so dont take it personally. The decision on whether to have a lift or not depends purely on what sort of cosmetic result you wish to achieve. In my opinion you do need a lift of some sort for an optimal result. This can be a very minor ellipse above the nipple rather than a big scar. Anything that lifts the nipple will give a better result than an implant alone. Please read the link below for more info. RegardsDamien

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