Questions to ask at first consultation?

I have just booked a consultation for breast augmentation and would like your opinions on questions I should be asking. Obviously I will be discussing appropriate size in detail and downtime but I just wondered if I should be asking the plastic surgeon any other specific questions?!

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Questions to ask your plastic surgeon

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Thank you for your question. Here is a short list that I cut from my website that you should find helpful. It is specific to Arizona, USA, but still should help. In my opinion you should make sure your surgeon is performing at least 50 breast augmentations per year. This is really only about 1/ week so not a large number for most experienced plastic surgeons with a core interest in breast augmentation.

1.           Where did you do your plastic surgery training?

2.           How long have you been in private practice?

3.           Are you board certified? Which board?

4.           Do you participate in the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program with the Arizona Medical Board?

5.           Are you a member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)?

6.           How long has your staff been working together as a team?

7.           Do you have high staff turnover?

8.           Do you have hospital admitting privileges?

9.           Do you regularly attend plastic surgery meetings to keep up with continuing medical education and the latest techniques?

10.     Why should I choose you to perform my operation?

11.     After surgery, if I have a question or problem, how do I contact you? And will I speak directly with you or another physician covering for you?

12.     Where do you perform (operation name)?

13.     How often do you perform (operation name)?

14.     How long does (operation name) take?

15.     Is my operation done as an in-patient or out-patient?

16.     What are the complications associated with my operation?

17.     Do you use a board certified anesthesiologist for my operation?

18.     What is the recovery time for my operation?

19.     Am I a good candidate for (operation name)?

20.     What medication do I need to stop taking prior to my operation?


First Consultation Questions

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Once you have scheduled your surgery date, your consultant will schedule your pre-operative visit where you will consider the following topics of discussion with your potential surgeon, lasting about one hour:

·       Take your before photos.

·       Ask to see printed breast photos showing what you would like your breasts to look like.

·       Go over your health history again.

·       Take your blood pressure.

·       Give you prescriptions for medications to be filled before surgery (antibiotic, muscle relaxer, pain medication, etc.).

·       Inform you of any medical testing needed - this is based on age and health history (testing can include: blood tests, EKG, mammogram).

·       Finalize implant type, size, and profile and confirm incision site and implant placement.

·       Complete all consents and other required paperwork, pay your final balance.

·       If a post-operative sports bra is not provided, you are recommended to purchase a couple of basic sports bras to use during recovery.

Questions to ask your surgeon

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Thanks for asking this question. It's very important to know who your doctor is. Find out how many breast augmentations he/she does a year. Is the physician board certified? Is their OR suite fully accredited? Ask about pre and post operative protocols. I would also recommend viewing the website to look at photo gallaries. It's important you feel confident with the surgeon you choose.

Best of luck to you!

Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

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Thank you for your question. Yes, definitely there are questions you should ask your Plastic Surgeon to ensure that you are safe and that you & your chosen surgeon are on the same page.  Plastic Surgery is a surgical specialty that involves lengthy study and training of a minimum of 5 years, after the completion of a medical degree. This period includes extensive surgical training at a more sophisticated level than, for example, a Family Doctor who only requires a minimum of 2 years of study. Areas that aspiring Plastic Surgeons are required to explore include complicated hand surgery, reconstruction following breast and skin cancer and microsurgery. Surgical complications are also examined so that they may be dealt with swiftly and efficiently to maximize patient safety.

Ask your Plastic Surgeon about their training, their area of specialty, the facilities where they operate and accreditation of those sites. Ask about their staff, anesthesiologists and plans in place for all pre and post op appointments. Ask if your surgical pricing is all inclusive as quoted. 

All the best 

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