IPL on face question. Any suggestions?

Hello I have had ipl on my face for second time. I did not have many spots just a couple that I was hoping would become lighter after the treatment. The results were good but after 2 weeks new brown spots have appeared that I didnt have before the treatment. They are not going to flake off and appear to be pigmentation. I have made an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow. Would fading cream help?

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New Brown Spots after IPL is Normal

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Your experience is very normal and expected. Your IPL treatments helped to lighten the superficial brown spots but it also affected the deeper skin layer where the other spots were hiding and not visible to you. This is how the treatment helps you remove the dark spots. It tells me that you had an appropriate IPL and you are responding great. No need to be concerned. You should discuss with your provider if you want to wait for them to flake off or have another treatment session. I would also compare before and after photographs. Hope this helps. Best, Dr.Avaliani

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Thank you for your question Fi_Lo. IPL is a great treatment to address sun damage and dark spots. Often times people have sun damage in the deeper layers of the skin that is not visible to the naked eye. This can be seen using UV photography. After the treatment such sun damage can get darker and be apparent to the naked eye. Sometimes this flakes off and sometimes it is absorbed by the skin. The recovery can take up to two weeks, or sometimes longer. For my patients I recommend a series of 3-6 treatments every 4-8 weeks, followed by one maintenance treatment every 3 months. The use of a good skin care regimen with topical ingredients including hydroquinone, for example, will enhance the results. Please follow up with your doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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