Hair loss from a 1410nm fractional laser, could stacking the laser have caused this?

Scince having laser I have got hair missing along and into my hairline. The girl treating me kept stacking the laser in the same area. Although the laser is only supposed to go 500 microns (half mm) into the skin I've been told placing it in the same area a number of times means the skin isn't getting chance to cool and the heat can travel deeper. Could this have killed the hair follicles.

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No, hair will regrow

No the dynamics of this laser will not kill the hair bulb located deep in the fat layer of the skin. This maybe a coincidental event called telogen effluvium (look this up), and your hair will grown back in time. Take some base line pictures, 4-5 high resolution stable shots, and you can compare. Cheers, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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