Can a Personal Implant Be Constructed to Fit my Asymmetric Needs?

One side of my face is smaller then the other and, in order to level out, needs some implants done. One side of my forhead is thinner while the other is protruding. Can i have a medpor or any implant customized to the fit in there and even out my head. I have a problem concerning the veins and things since some of the implant needs to be inserted around the temple. will the implant go underneath the vein? or how is that supposed to work?

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Asymmetric face

Facial asymmetry is not unusual.

Frm the limited picture, Thar asymetry can be corrected by fat frafting. Much better than custom implant. Yes custome implants can be made to soecifications

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Can a Personal Implant Be Constructed to Fit my Asymmetric Needs?

Facial asymmetry is the norm but there are subtle and obvious asymmetries. Facial implants can be fashioned for individual patient. Must consult a specialist in craniofacial surgery.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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