Can a Person Get Hep C While Getting Black Head Removal in a Local Beauty Parlor?

I had my full face threading and then herbal facial with black head removal from my nose and chin and some from my cheek, not knowing the tool was sterile or not . There was no bleeding in the event.what do you say about getting hepatitis C or B or HIV after all this. I'm worried and dont know what to do. please help.

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Picking up infections from a local beauty parlor

The risk of acquiring an infection like hepatitis or HIV during a facial would be incredibly rare. Millions of facials take place each week, and we don't see reports of this problem. That said, there really shouldn't be any bleeding during facials, and there should be proper hygenic precautions such as sterilizing of equipment, cleaning the face properly before extractions etc. As with anything, buyer beware, and make sure to ask about hygenic precautions and what the place does to ensure safety etc.

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