Persistent seroma 3 months after full abdominoplasty?

I am a 36 yo male. Had a full abdominoplasty 3 months ago. Developed a haematoma the following day and had to have surgical correction. Then developed a seroma. Size of a mango just next to my belly button. Dr tried flushing the cavity and scraped the surface but no change. Inserted a pipe to assist drainage but no change. Is my only option surgical correction? Fluid seeping out through the pipe for the last 4 weeks! Any advise is appreciated.

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Seroma problems

seromas are a difficult problem. I would trust your PS and follow their instructions to the T. In some cases chronic seromas will require surgical removal but the good news is that its a very fixable problem that is well understood in abdominoplasty surgery. Hang in there and eventually your body will fix it or your surgeon will.

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