Persistent Redness from Chemical Peel?

About nine months ago I tried to improve a section of my circumcision scar by doing a sort of at home chemical peel with over the counter wart remover. I believe it had 17-20% salicylic acid. I know this wasn't an intelligent decision. I accidently prematurely peeled the scab that formed. Ever since it has been red. Its not raised or painful or anything, just red and well demarcated. Will it ever go away? Is there anything I can do now such as hydrocortisone? Thanks

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Improving Persistent Rednesss

Redness secondary to poor healing or to a procedure such as a chemical peel can take a long time to fade out.  There are certain topical treatments that can improve redness such as topical steroids (used appropriately) and creams with ingredients such as niacinamide.  There are also office-based procedures that can improve the redness depending on what the etiology of the redness is. For example, if the redness is mostly vascular in nature (secondary to blood vessels), electrocautery and/or laser can improve the redness by destroying the vessels. Regardless, I recommend you consult with a board-certified dermatologist for evaluation of the area that appears red and discussion of best treatment options to improve it. 

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