Persistent Deviation 4wks After Septo/rhinoplasty. Possible Explanations?

While I'm sure the deviation of the actual septum was addressed internally, my nose still points to my right. Expectation was made clear that this would be addressed. Perhaps, are there individual circumstances that would complicate or prevent correction of asymmetry? I ask, because my tip is still so clearly oriented to the right and the sides and nostrils of my nose so uneven that I'm expecting an explanation from my surgeon why this wasn't corrected.

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Persistent deviation after rhinoplasty

You may still have some swelling at 4 weeks post op.  That said correction of a deviated nose is one of the most difficult problems to correct with rhinoplasty.  I tell patients to expect some improvement but not perfection.  You should give it a year before any revision is considered.  Donald R. Nunn MD

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Crooked noses are tough

Correction of the "crooked nose deformity" is tough.  Anyone who performs this procedure regularly is likely to have the (hopefully) rare patient with a persistent deviation post-operatively.  That said, there are some things that can be done, including compression exercises, taping, etc.  I would definitely have a conversation with your surgeon about the results and see what they recommend to minimize the deformity from this point forward.   Good luck.

Colin Pero, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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