Persistent Deviation ~4wks After Open Septo/rhinoplasty. Possible Explanations?

While I'm sure the deviated septum was addressed internally, my nasal ridge and tip are still oriented to my right. Expectation was made clear before surgery that this would be addressed. Perhaps, are there individual circumstances that would complicate or prevent correction of asymmetry? I ask, because the septum is so clearly tilted from the basal view, the nostrils so uneven from the front that I'm expecting an explanation from my surgeon why correction was not possible at appt next week.

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Tilted nose

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Pictures would be helpful to answer your question. A deviated nose is one of the hardest things to fix, and its cause is multifactorial. There are so many causes for this problem, that no one treatment is right for everyone. Unless you are extremely deviated, some of what you may be seeing may be swelling.

If you are not satisfied with your surgeon's explanation, seek a second opinion from a rhinoplasty specialist.


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