Persistent Assymetry 8 Weeks After Breast Reduction on Cystic Breasts - when is Revision Advisable?

I still have significant swelling and redness of my lower right breast, which is visbly larger, 8 weeks postop. Additionally, my right nipple is a cm higher than the left. the nipples in general are mismatched in shape and point in different directions. My PS discussed a possible correction @ 3 months when I saw him 4 weeks ago, I see him again next week. Does the cause of the swelling need to be investigated first (cysts)? when should a revision take place? Can the nipples be improved?

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Breast reduction asymmetry can be corrected.


Wait another three months and then consider a revision.  Get another consultation. Redness needs to be investigated.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Would wait at least six months after breast reduction for revision.

Because of the nipple asymmetry it sounds as though you are facing a revision. I would even consider before six months and possibly  as long as a year to allow for final resolution of swelling in the asymmetries associated with that.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Breast asymmetry

Without knowing what you looked like before or after surgery, it is very hard to answer.  If you are unhappy and you surgeon feels modifications to improve the asymmetry can be done, then it is best to wait several months to heal first.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Persistent Assymetry 8 Weeks After Breast Reduction on Cystic Breasts - when is Revision Advisable?

It is important that you allow the breast tissue and surgical scars ample time to mature before considering any revision surgery; your breast will continue to evolve in shape for months after a breast reduction surgery. It is important that you discuss all of your concerns with you plastic surgeon at your next follow up visit.

Wesley T. Myers, MD
Conroe Plastic Surgeon
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