Persistant Upper Eyelid Swelling?

i had fat graft 4 months ago in lower eye lid for retracted lower eyelid . i had prevoius 3 surgeries i still have upper eyelid swelling , its still persistant

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Eyelid swelling can take up to a year to improve

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Persistent upper eyelid swelling after a lower eyelid procedure is unusual, but at this point I would wait for up to a year.  I have seen swelling improve over that time period.

Persistent Swelling

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Persistent swelling after multiple eyelid procedure is not unusual. Becuase of scarring from previous surgery, a longer recovery is not unexpected.  All the best.

Lid swelling 4 months after...

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Without knowing what you specifically had done, I cannot speculate on this answer.  I suggest you discuss your concerns with your surgeon as he/she knows exactly what was done and can provide you the information you seek.


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